I was visiting the Cemetery of the Highlands in Highland Mills, NY this past weekend to repair a DAR marker for one of my Woodhull ancestors and we were on our way out of the cemetery when I spotted this very large black headstone with what looked to be a index card taped to it.  The font on this black head stone was really reminiscent of one that those big hair bands of the late 80’s used to use…. I was half expecting it to be a young man’s stone so I was definitely not prepared for what we found!

When we got out to inspect the index card, we found that it was actually a white printed plaque that was attached to the stone and it was a recipe for date & nut bread! That’s right…. bread.  I’ve never, ever seen a recipe on a headstone before!  I’ve always said my mom will likely take her macaroni and cheese recipe to the grave and this is exactly what I imagine!

Had to share!  Such a cute, unexpected find!


The Recipe Headstone
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