One of my most treasured possessions is a ratty, tattered copy of my Peters & Baum family tree that my grandmother gave me as a budding tween.  On the back of it, my middle school science teacher jotted a hall pass in 1987 and it stands as a testament to how long I’ve carried these papers with me through countless moves, two marriages, two children and three Army bases.  To say it holds a special place in my heart falls far short of its true value. When my grandmother gave me these, she couldn’t have possibly known they would be the start of a simple hobby that would grow into a full-blown, passionate obsession.

My cherished Peters/Baum family tree.

My love for genealogy and history set me on the path to becoming a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution where I serve as my chapter’s public relations contact & VIS chairman, providing social media support.  I was a volunteer researcher for the Fishkill Supply Depot, a Revolutionary War historic site, where we re-examined the thousands of muster rolls to identify the unknown soldiers potentially buried there on the grounds. I have also participated in several indexing projects for Family

I hold a certificate in genealogical research through Boston University, am a participant in the current ProGen study group, and I am “on the clock” for my certification through the BCG. I have a social & visual media degree from Empire State College and am currently enrolled in a bachelors program in Early American history.  To learn more about me or to connect with me professionally, feel free to visit my Linked In profile below:

Surnames I am actively researching:  Archer, Stewart, Peters, Baum, Lemaster, Cordle/Caudill, Wickham, Ackley, Woodhull, Jayne, Ball, Jones, Eccard, Hull, Lambert

Geographic Areas I am actively researching:   Noble Co., OH; Pickaway Co., OH; Lawrence Co., KY; Boyd Co., KY; Orange Co., NY.