While many people hire a genealogist because they don’t know how or where to start their family research, there are many other reasons people seek out genealogy services.

  • With family, work or school demands, time is tight and they do not have time to research on their own.
  • A genealogist can provide a fresh set of eyes and offer suggestions on new venues to research when people hit a genealogical brick wall.
  • Genealogy can help reveal potential health concerns that run in families by examining ancestor’s death records.
  • Honor a military member in their family by presenting them with history of other military members in the family.
  • Lineage society applications are lengthy and can be time consuming.  A genealogist can help locate and determine what records are relevant to a society application.
  • Have an outrageous family tale?  A genealogist can help sort out fact from fiction.
  • Producing a combined family tree chart to celebrate a marriage or anniversary occasion.
  • To give new parents a family tree complete with their new little addition.