If you’ve compared other genealogical research services, you’ve perhaps noticed there is a wide range of prices with services/packages priced anywhere from hourly, per project, by generations to be researched, or even by type of research that you desire (such as a lineage application).  That’s because each case is completely different from any other.  After an initial consultation where we discuss your time frame and scope of research desired, I will provide you with an estimate.

Services I Offer:

Family Lineage Research with Detailed Research Reports
Personalized Charts
Single Record Searches
Local Record Retrieval
Image Analysis & Identification, when possible
Local Landmark, Historical Site or Cemetery Photography
Brick Wall Analysis & Problem Solving
Lineage Society Application Research
Written Personal Histories
Forensic Genealogy (* see below)

How It Works:

1.  Gather what information you already have.  The more information you have at the start increases the likelihood I’ll be able to find more for you.  Even the most mundane detail can turn into a monumental find!  Make a list of any questions you may have for me.  Decide what research goals you might want to achieve, like discovering what country your grandparents came from or if your uncle was in the Civil War.
2.  We’ll arrange a convenient time to talk via phone or Skype.  We’ll discuss your family, I’ll answer any questions you might have, we’ll discuss a budget, time frame, and any other goals that you have about the research I’ll be doing.
3.  After we talk and you decide you’d like to hire me, I’ll send over a client agreement and a retainer invoice.  Retainer must be paid before I begin research.

What You Get in Return:

At project completion, you will receive a written detailed client report via print or email (your choice) with each fact properly cited according to the Genealogy Proof Standard.  I’ll provide an analysis of evidence found along with copies of any documents and images I obtain in the course of the research and an ornate five generation fan chart to proudly display your lineage.  Printed and bound booklets are available at additional cost.

* Forensic genealogy cases are more complex and require intensive analysis of the research.  They often require an affidavit and/or a court appearance. This work is often done for attorneys, government agencies or corporations.