A Most Lovely Little Country Church

While in Ohio this past week to welcome the birth of my first grand baby, I took a day off to head up to Noble County where a large portion of my maternal line are buried.  Archers Ridge Cemetery is adjacent to the Archers Ridge Church, which I discovered is still in use after peeking through the window and seeing the coming day’s date and sermon on the board near the pulpit.  Much like it’s simple exterior, the inside appeared to be just as unfussy and simple with white pews and dark hardwood floors.  I had to smile thinking about the Archer family of mine buried nearby, who were just modest farmers – they’d be quite a home worshiping here. The day was beautiful with a bright blue cloudless sky and with the slightest breeze blowing, fluttering the American flags on the veteran’s graves in the cemetery.  (Don’t you love the orb?)

Archers Ridge Cemetery

Asbury Garfield Archer

Born in 1880 in the small farm community of Caldwell, Ohio in Noble County, my 3rd great uncle was Asbury Archer.  His father was Jesse Archer, the Civil War soldier I’ve written about before.  My great uncle was called Asa by many and there are multiple spellings of his name.  You’ll see Aza, Azza, Asberry, Azbury, Azberry, etc. but at one point in his life, he was a teacher and wrote many poems and articles for different newspapers under the pseudonym, Adam Alltop.  (If I ever publish my book, I plan on writing under the name Eve Alltop, in honor of him!)