Unfortunately, this is true.

I realized that I had not written anything since January. January! I wish I’d had a much better reason for missing out on my family writing but I simply am just so busy with ProGen, teaching my monthly genealogy club at the library, a very important personal client with a rapidly approaching deadline, an impending transcription project, DAR – and most importantly – my BCG portfolio is underway. To say “I’m busy” falls fall short of my reality right now.

To further matters, my hands are taking a turn for the worse. My fingers are suffering the effects of rheumatoid arthritis and starting to knob and bend, which is quite painful. I never thought I would be feeling this bad at 45. Lupus is bad enough but to add this on top of it all, it’s far beyond annoying.

Suffering in all this “busy madness” is my writing and my own personal family research. I can’t even remember the last time I worked on my own stuff. I think probably before January when I wrote about my Uncle Dale’s alias. I just simply don’t have enough hours in my day. I feel like at some point here soon, I’m going to have to cut back on some outside activities to focus on my own stuff for a while to have some sense of balance. Hopefully that includes some more writing which is a large part of the enjoyment I get from genealogy.

What Month is This?!