• Reveal the Past

    Turn back time and learn about your ancestors lives through old records, letters and newspapers.

  • Hallowed Grounds

    Death certificates, cemetery or church records can help locate the final resting places of your long lost family members.

  • Ancestral Lands

    Discover the places your family called home, learn about their neighbors and their communities.

  • Give Names To Those Faces

    Old pictures can find new life by identifying the who, where, and when they were taken.


Genealogist & Family History Services


Upcoming Events:

I will be holding a 4 part series in May at 6:30-8:00 pm at the Moffat Library in Campbell Hall, NY. Please check their site for up to date information. Click here to visit the Moffat Library site.

May 4 - Intro to Genealogy Class

May 11 - Hacking Census Data

May 18 - Where to Find Your Female Ancestors in the Records

May 30 - Intro to DNA Testing and Medical Relevance to Genealogy