Little late posting this week… the power supply is out on my PC and I’m waiting for the part so this post comes via my phone which is a bit different to navigate to post anything. I’m having difficulty formatting so I’ll have to address that later when my part arrives. Anyway, we pick up with Grandma Rose here on January 8th, 1977, who is still cold and in a heap of snow. 

NOTE:  I left her spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as much as possible.

January 8, 1977 – Electric off again for two hours this eve so we’re sitting in candle light listening to my pocket radio – so sweet without the T.V. and don’t know what to do with ourselves. Can’t see to sew, or do anything – so we sit and smoke and talk.

Old Baldy the eagle says: “A house is made from hands, A home from heart.”

January 9, 1977 – Went out to check flowers in the greenhouse. Some of the more tender ones were blackened; but no real harm done. Ice in the big five gallon water bucket.

Called Ethel; she said their electric was off for two hours yesterday, and their phone was also out. Poles had fallen and lines were down. But they were both okay.

Got letter from Rosie – Said she & Darryl were really enjoyed the big pillow I made him for Christmas . She was leaning on it while she was writing my letter.

Started snowing at noon, and still snowing at 10:30 P.M.

January 10, 1977 – no entry made this day

January 11, 1977 – 6° below zero,
15 high for the day.
My, it’s cold.

January 12, 1977 – 8° above
Snowed all day.
8” snow

January 13, 1977 – Rosie called. Was wondering how we were and thought we might be needing something. They’re all O.K.

We’re doing fine – Keeping pretty warm. Dreaming of spring and warm weather already?

Thought: “Nothing makes men look more alike than putting dress suits on them.” American Humorist Will Rogers 1879-1935 Killed in a plane crash with Wiley Post

14° below low
11” of snow on the ground
24°at Midnight

January 14, 1977 – Don’t know what time it started to snow. Some time after midnight. Thought we heard some one outside, turned on porch light but could see no one, last night at 11:00 A.M. (I think she meant 1 am here) So far 1 1/2” of new snow has fallen so not so cold today. Have to make another path to the green house and mail box. Haven’t watered the flowers since Jan 9.

It’s 27° this hour. Better than 5° below like it has been.

12:30 3” on ground
2:30 4” on ground

Cancelled Lens appointment with Dr. Chin.

Roads very slippery. Couldn’t even get in our driveway. Called Ethel, they’re snowed in, too. Told her we wouldn’t be going to the Dr.


We’ll see you next week with more of grandma’s (non) adventures!  Looks to pick up a tad more next week as I look ahead somewhat so maybe it will be a little more exciting to read. 

1977 Diary of Rose Jones – Week 2
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