Family Easter Traditions

With Easter right around the corner, my Facebook feed the other day, had this meme come across asking if we remembered dressing up for Easter in little coats and shiny shoes? Sure do!

It made me think back to one of my own pictures from 1979 where I’m in my Easter Sunday finest at my Grandma and Grandpa Stewart’s house. I’m donning a bright red wool coat, with a little yellow and white dress peeking out, white knee socks and of course, those shiny church shoes! Whatever made my mom think that red and yellow were a good fashion choice, I’ll never know! But that meme on my Facebook page the other day did start me thinking about our family’s past Easter traditions.  Does your family have any?

Shared Hobbies & Interests – #52stories

I was extremely happy to see Family Search #52stories writing prompt this week because I have had it on my list for some time to write about my grandma, Clara Lou Peters Stewart. My love of music and singing can likely be attributed to her. My love of big band music came from watching her bobby-socking in the kitchen at a 4th of July party one year! She was one amazing piano & organ player. I have oodles of newspaper clippings from her younger days playing in school concerts and I daresay, she likely played at the wedding of nearly half of Pickaway County during her lifetime! I have so many memories of family holiday gatherings where she would hop on the organ in the corner of the dining room after a meal and play/sing for us. 

How to Surprise Your Hematologist with Genealogy

I had been having sharp, stabbing pains in my right lung area under my breast bone on an off for a few months.  It was so intense, it actually took my breath away and I’d have to speak in small, quick sentences until I could catch my breath again.  My rheumatologist thought it might be pleurisy, which is where your lung lining is inflamed and rubs against your chest walls.  Of course, every time I would get an appointment and go in to see him with this pain, it was never acting up so he advised that next time it happened, to go to the Urgent Care or ER to be looked at immediately and they could do an X-ray and see what exactly was going on.

Family Wedding – Day 5 of #30DayFHWChallenge

Grandpa Glenn Archer "Archie" Stewart and grandchildren, Taylor and Noah Garnes. 30 April 2005

Grandpa Glenn Archer “Archie” Stewart and grandchildren, Taylor and Noah. 30 April 2005

The prompt for day 5 of the #30DayFHWChallenge is to select your favorite family photo, and write about the moments just before and/or after the photo was taken. Why was it taken? Was your ancestor happy to be in it?

This is a weird/hard one for me because as I’m not close with my mom’s side of the family, I don’t have very many pictures of them.  As children though, we did most of our family type events with that side of the family so while there are many, many pictures of us at family events, I don’t have access to them. But before I became estranged from that side, I was lucky enough that my mother gave me a few pictures so I do have “some” from my childhood remaining. Maybe someday she’ll pass them on but who knows? I have what I have and I cherish them.

New Obituary for Clara Lou – Day 4 Family History Writing Challenge


My grandparents, Archie and Clara Lou (Peters) Stewart, circa 1995-1996.

Day 4 of the #30DayFHWChallenge is to write an obituary for an ancestor. Be sure to include information about any surviving ancestors, the deceased’s occupation, and his age at death.

My grandma, Clara Lou Peters Stewart, died in September of 2002.  While my aunt, who is the gossip columnist for our local paper, wrote a fitting tribute to her and said thank you for those who helped with her battle against polycystic kidney disease,  I always felt my grandmother’s original obituary was quite lacking.  I know it’s hard to pack all the details of one’s life into a few short paragraphs and surely things do get omitted.  This would be my obituary from a grandchild’s perspective.