Woodhull Cemetery – Orange County, NY


The Woodhull Cemetery, Orange County, NY © Jill Moore 2016

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it before but my teenage years were spent living above a funeral home in my home town of Ashville, Ohio.  It’s true.  My parents divorced and I spent my entire high school years living above the funeral home where my mom rented the apartment upstairs from her friend and boss, the funeral director.  He’d recently bought a house for his growing family and as ours had just “shrunk”, we were offered their old apartment over the funeral home.  I can definitely say that my viewpoint of death was altered from those years.  If I had to put a word on it… I think I “revere” it more now and that’s probably why I delve into genealogy like I do.  I want to learn their stories, what they did, who they were, who they loved…. it all matters. That’s what I took away from those funeral home years.