Page from Jill’s baby book of her 3rd birthday. Click to enlarge.

This week was especially fun for me to do as it was just my 50th birthday and her journal this week starts on my 3rd birthday.  My mom gave my baby book to me some years ago and I was able to flip to my 3rd birthday to see “Great-Grandma Stewart” recorded there in the Gifts Received portion.  She wasn’t Hochmuth yet as she and Leonard wouldn’t marry until November 6, 1981.  Are you gasping?  Clutching your pearls?  I’m sure it was shocking to some then but it was the 70s… free love, baby – relax!  I think it was progressive and feminist of her, actually, especially in light of her unhappy first marriage.  And kind of smart, really – we saw last week the deed to the land was in Leonard’s name so maybe she was keeping the door open if she had to leave another bad relationship.  Maybe that’s a bit of self-preservation!  I’m joking somewhat to make light of this week…. it does take a bit of a sad turn.  You’ll see this week she mentions her previous marital woes as she turns reflective in light of her daughter’s divorce troubles.

NOTE:  As always, I left her spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as much as possible.


January 29, 1977 – Jills Birthday
Blizzard yet couldn’t get out to mail Jills card. Bright sunshine – Far cry from yesterday but my it’s cold – 5° below and windy.

Had Brenda shovel a path from the road to the trailer so could get to the mail box. Check green house, 40° in there.  No cars all day. Three cars stuck yesterday on Armstrong Rd.

January 30, 1977 –
Spent the forenoon baking. Ed came up on the tractor to see how we were faring; and to see if we had enough oil. (good neighbors)  Measured oil and we have 13″ in tank. Enough to last thru Tues. and pray Litters can get here with some –

Frank over in forenoon to see if we were okay. Neighbors have been so thoughtful.

The caterpillar snow plow worked on the road by Johnsons and on down past Ed’s for nearly three hours this eve. Heaving snow off the road and up against the fence – was over the posts. Cars can finally get out there. Really looked isolated before the roads were broken open.  T.V. said Buffalo N.Y had 170″ of snow so far.  Hope Mom Hochmuth and all are okay.

January 31, 1977
– David Hochmuth birthday (she has this underlined with a swoopy line)
Pipes still frozen. Beautiful sunshine today but winds are still strong 17 to 32 M.P.H.  Mailed Jills B’day card.

2:30 P.M. Kitchen pipes broke free – Bathroom hot line still frozen. It’s been lots of water carrying but glad we got it to carry.

Ethel called about 6:30 P.M. wondering how we were getting along. They’re fine.  Pearl and Olive had been wondering too.

11:15 P.M.  12 above, windy, 10 to 20 MPH  Hope pipes don’t freeze again tonight.


February 1, 1977 –  Tiny (spelling is hard to read here) Hochmuth birthday (again the swoopy underline)
Got up to see more sunshine but it’s icy out. Supposed to warm up and 40 % chance of more snow. 9° above at 10:00 AM. Wind not so bad, but cold. At least the amarylis is growing. Getting it’s 4th leafs.

Sent Ma a letter this morning, but goodness knows when she’ll get it the way Buffalo is – Town is snowed in 12 to 15 foot high drifts. At a stand still.

Surprise!  Pipes didn’t freeze last night.

Read in the paper tonight about Bob and Rosie alimony suit. Wasn’t too surprised, though it does hurt to read it, and there’s nothing I can do.  I relive my own torment of thirty five years ago. You never totally forget.


February 2, 1977 – (Grandma started writing something about her first three amaryllis leaves but then didn’t finish her train of thought so I have not included it here as I have no idea what she was going to say…. they might have fallen off, died… I just have no idea.)

Did a little handwashing today.

Every shrub is covered in ice this morning. Sun shining on it takes on the sparkling glow of diamonds, snow glistening and crackling cold.

8:00 P.M. Called my Rosie tonight. She seems in good spirits in spite of all her marital problems. Glad she is taking it so well.

Got a welcome letter from Ethel today.  Measured oil this P.M. 12″ left.

Waded thru the knee deep snow to the bank and checked the small trees and shrubs.  Rabbits have skinned the branches of the Nanking cherry trees. With the deep snow to stand on, they did a good job; almost to the top of the branches. Also the mock orange by the garage.


February 3, 1977 – Heat Wave – Put on your air conditioners. It’s 32° this AM – 10:00 Winds 13 M.P.H.  Supposed to be snow again.  11″ of snow already on the ground, yet more expected.  Litter brought in 209 gal. of oil (she gives a figure above it of 47.9 a gal which I believe is cents per gallon )  so we can rest easy now, and not have to listen for the furnace to sputter and stop.

Had a sick headache all day – eyes painful.  Back been acting up from being outdoors walking, I guess. Lie down some days to relieve back.

Sewed a little bit today on Jills slacks.  John Iles was over again today to see if our oil came. Ed keeps asking how things are.  Henry called to see if we needed the oil he saved for us, 5 gals. Neighbors have been wonderful.


February 4, 1977 – 9:00 A.M.  30°  1″ snow  Merciful Heavens
Ground covered with snow again and its still snowing.  And the roads were just cleared of drifts, and made passable.

I’ve got to dig my way back to the trash barrels and burn stuff or the garage will be full – as it is, I’ll have to make five or six trips… I haven’t been out back since 4th of Jan so have plenty.

1″ more on ground at 11:00 A.M.  Snow to continue and accumulate 1″ to 2″ more by evening (hope not)

4:00 P.M.  3½ to 4″ snow on ground – forecast 2″ to 4″ more tonight . Wind 8 M.P.H.

When Henry went to Jones we had him get us a few items. He tried once and had to come back, and wait til the snow plow came. he got stuck in his yard when he came back. Ed & Greg helped him out – then Ed got stuck in our drive and Henry helped him out.

Snow plow went thru again at midnight.  Florence Iles called to see how Franks were.

1977 Diary of Rose Jones – Week 5
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