Lori’s green hanger from Grandma Rose

Roller coaster week for Grandma! She seems exasperated with another early round of snow but then is rewarded with days of sunshine and a trip to Circleville with Rosie complete with a mini-shopping spree when it warms up.  She mentions that cat that she had “inherited” unwillingly – she still had it which was a surprise because she hadn’t mentioned it since the beginning of the journal. This week she also mentions that she finished some hangers and that everyone loved them.  Lori sent me a text this week with a photo of one of the hangers that she still has and said I could share the photo.  I remember a few rainbow-colored and bright orange ones that I had for a long time but I’m not sure what happened to them over the years.  Does anyone else have some still?


NOTE:  As always, I left her spelling, capitalization, and punctuation as much as possible.

February 5, 1977 – Up at 9:15 A.M.  Snow drifts are up over evergreens in front of garage. Can’t see any of the original paths. When I fed the cat, I made a path to the greenhouse – almost shin deep in the old path.   Had a good squawl this forenoon

noon – 14° degrees  Blowing snow

Brought some things in from the freezer for a couple days supply.


February 6, 1977 – 3° below at airport  4° in Col.
Birds finally found the bird feed I hung out in a plastic jug feeder last week. Three more on the ground (snow) for them. They seemed to welcome the nice sunshine this morning. Calm wind for a change.

-11° Lo  13 hi


February 7, 1977 – Winds 6 mph  6 below chill factor  6° airport  10° Col. cold and clear and still.

Spent forenoon cleaning house. Seems I’m forever cleaning the furnace filter – sure gets dirty with all the sewing lint, etc.

Crispy, crunchy snow. Took a broomstick to help me thru the drifts to the mailbox.  Roads are white as the snow drifts – slippery. Can’t see one spot of the roast any place. School started again the AM. Sent letter to Athel and Rosie that I’ve been writing on for over a week.

Len finished two more roosters for more pot holders. Don’t know what he’d do with himself if he couldn’t embroider.


February 8, 1977 – 7 AM  13° below   10 AM  1° below  Beautiful sunshiny day
Spent 2 hours in the greenhouse. Most of the flowers are okay. had to take out hot water – That in the greenhouse is so cold – couple times this winter the bucket had ice on it.

Got Jills pants almost done.


February 9, 1977 – 2:25 A.M.  Zero    10:30 A.M.  28°  Winds 12 mph
Beautiful day. Sunshine – supposed to warm up today and tomorrow. 30° today.

11:30 P.M.  winds 8MPH  warmest day we’ve had since Dec 14th? Supposed to be around 50° tomorrow. Sun melted some snow today. Was rather slushy underfoot. Sewed today and made another hanger. Everyone likes the hangers for their slacks.


February 10 – 1977 – Sunny & warm   12:00  39°    3:45  43°
Rosie called to go shopping tomorrow.

11:30 P.M.  34°  winds 12 M.P.H.  Warmest day of 1977 so far.  Tonight in low 20s.


February 11, 1977 – Went to Circleville with Rosie – Bought her lunch and mine at Pickaway Arms. She chef salad, I had perch with home fries & tossed salad. (I bought for a change) Enjoyed getting out – went to Buckeye Mart and the grocery. Did two or 3 wk shopping.  Frank Hudson ate with us.

48° in afternoon  40°  11:00 P.M.

Buffalo has had 176″ of snow. Snowed 53 days in a row. Today the first day it hasn’t snowed there.

Rosie bought me 5 doz. eggs. 50¢ dozen.  I bought Kim night gown and 2 sheer neck scarves. Sent Lisa $3.00 for her B’day. Got an eleven page letter from Mary.  Sent Jills blouse and pants up with Rosie.

Lo 31°  Hi 48°

1977 Diary of Rose Jones – Week 6
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