I came across this in my feed today and was just baffled and horrified at the same time. What is happening in our classrooms that these students do not know basic American history or even CURRENT things – like who is the Vice President?! I was recalling my chat with my DAR chapter president about how important I feel it is that we continue the legacy of documenting our lives, our ancestors and our nation so that they aren’t forgotten by time. Just listening to these young people, my brain is boggled and my heart hurts. Clearly, history, our history, needs saved. There is so much focus on making the next technological breakthrough and pushing the limits of progress to where I feel like history is just being cast aside and obviously, forgotten by many. I know certain states are beginning to give incentives for students to enter scientific, mathematical or medical fields and sure, that’s great but not at the expense of forgetting who we are and where we’ve come from. It’s just a sad state of affairs.

Why History Needs Saved
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