Clark Children Reunite After 42 Years

Charles Lloyd Moore

A while ago, I wrote about my husband’s great-grandfather’s story about being sold at the Ohio State Fair and how he changed his name from Clark to Moore.  A Clark relative reached out to us recently on Ancestry to find out more information because we had so many matching names in our trees.  She was a grand-daughter to Cecil Benjamin Clark, brother to my husband’s great-grandfather, Charles Lloyd Moore.  I sent her a packet of papers and pictures along with giving her links to this blog.  However, in giving her links to here, I realized that I hadn’t updated my blog with the discoveries I’d make in the Clark/Moore line.  So here we are with an update to tell their tale…

A Little Advice, Please

Who-are-youI need some advice from long time genealogists out there with an exceptionally “odd” set of circumstances that I’m investigating and I’ve hit a weird roadblock and have no idea where to proceed from here.  We all have strange tales we come across in our genealogy hunts but this one is particularly twisty and difficult to investigate.  So I’m calling on you all for help, guidance and advice.

There has been a long standing story in my husband’s family that they were actually “Clarks” instead of Moores but he didn’t have any real verification of this.  When I began doing his tree, this was of course, one of the first things I looked into just to see if he was right.  He was, must to my surprise!