In my excitement, I forgot to share this a few weeks back. During the NYS Family History Conference in September (which was virtual), I was featured in a segment called “New York Stories Live!” which asked people “What’s Your New York Story?” I recounted the tale of my journey from Ohio to New York and the serendipity of discovering my ancestors were here all along! The video is very noisy – I had 3 days to record & edit it but all but one rained! So on that day, of course, as we were recording there were all sorts of distractions – cadets, cars, church bells, motorcycles, a pack of deer running through the cemetery and so much more. It was really insane but I told my tale and am proud to have talked to so many following the conference who also have the Jayne and/or Woodhulls in their tree too! While you could certainly watch all the stories if you wish, my spot begins at the 1:06 mark! Don’t worry – my tale is under 4 minutes.

My Spot in New York Stories Live!
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