Our wedding day in 2002.

Flowers and weddings have been on my mind quite a lot here lately.  My daughter is in the midst of finalizing her wedding details for October and my own anniversary passed just last week.  Fifteen years ago, I carried the most beautiful bouquet of white roses at my wedding.  Today, even though the preservation process made them a creamy, near pink color, they hang on my wall in a special preservation “bubble” frame where I admire them every day when I walk by.  They serve as a wonderful, constant reminder of my wedding day.

We had a rather unique and memorable wedding, to say the least.  We fully committed to our goth nature!  I had a black lace dress and I made my black veil by hand stitching on lovely little lace trim.  Jon had his nails painted black and wore a black ruffled pirate type shirt!  While I would have loved to of had black flowers, I wanted something that stood out against my dress so I chose white roses with loads of long strands of ivy.  My outfit cost me about $70 total while my flowers were the most extravagant at about $300 (way back in 2002) and to have them preserved was $500.  But it was the greatest gift my mother-in-law could have given me.

After the ceremony, we packed my bouquet and Jon’s boutonnière in a special shipping box and sent them off to be preserved.  It was a special drying process that took some time to do but the results were fabulous and left me with the most special heirloom to hand down to my grand-daughter Mia some day.  Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have my mother’s or my grandmother’s wedding flowers!  I hope they will hold as much as a special meaning for my descendants as they did for me.

My Wedding Flower Heirloom
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